Executive- and Leader development

Our unique EQ-based programs help leaders and teams by strengthening their ability to build strong relationships, make well-grounded decisions, manage stress, and develop their self-awareness. We go deep, we base our methods on scientific data on brain functioning and behavior change and we use humor and existential exercises while practicing and learning the necessary EQ skills.

“I see that most of the participants are now more confident, better team players, and enjoy the hard work they do daily,” says Hellberg. I can only recommend that others join the journey.”
Lars Hellberg, Fortaco’s President and CEO

Recruitment and Assessments

We match and assess candidates to job requirements. EQ Europe has a long global history of recruiting and assessing high-performance candidates. We provide a unique holistic and metric evaluation of each candidate focusing on both IQ, EQ, and so-called RQ (Role Quotation) While IQ measures cognitive abilities, EQ evaluates emotional and social competencies, and together with RQ, we make sure that each candidate is the right person for the job.

“Focusing on emotional intelligence (EQ) in recruiting and assessment is crucial for achieving strong performance and fostering a team-oriented, collaborative, and sustainable work environment for the future”
Beatrice Björk, Partner and Senior VicePresident at Level21

Corporate Mental Health Program - on a global scale.

We help customers with concrete tools and techniques to deal with mental health issues and to cultivate an inclusive and resilient work environment.

“What makes the Corporate Mental Health program unique is its practicality. It's not just theoretical – we've learned concrete tools and strategies that we can apply in our daily lives, from mindfulness techniques to effective communication skills. The thoughtful insights and practical tools provided by our training provider EQ Europe have not only elevated individual well-being but have also cultivated a more supportive and resilient workplace culture. We are thankful for the positive impact it continues to have on our team.”
Ivona Poletan, People Development & Employer Branding Manager at Fortaco Group

Management coaching - individual- and group

We help leaders and coworkers become better and more effective in their jobs by practicing EQ skills. This will build their self-awareness, strengthening their ability to build strong relationships, make well-grounded decisions, and deal with change.

“It is essential in a modern workplace to have a good understanding of your own emotions and be open to feelings and thoughts of others. Making good decisions or “doing the right thing” rests on that combination of picking up signals from the environment and acting with care and consideration. EQ Europe coaches truly excel in helping you to unleash and enhance this within you. I could have not found a better use for my personal development budget”
Akram Azerbayev, Commercial and JV Manager, Low Carbon Fuels, Shell, The Netherlands.

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A Different Kind of Being Smart

Have you ever given some real thought to what makes people successful? Some people just seem to get along with others, they don´t get upset easily, they are balanced, proactive, meet challenges with thought and consideration and have great insight into themselves and others. They have what we call high Emotional Intelligence and these EQ skills not only make them pleasant to be around, but they are seen as loyal and trustworthy and they tend to be the ones that get promotions at work and are appreciated and successful as leaders. These skills can be measured, learned and developed and they play a big role in making people feel engaged at work and contributes to culturally diverse workplaces where people can excel and make companies and organizations successful.
All jobs today require Emotional Intelligence. As business has become more complex and more global there are very few, if any jobs, that do not require interaction with other people. People skills have become crucial and there is a big difference between those that have the skills and those that do not and high and average performers. The research is compelling! Competency research in over 200 companies and organisation's worldwide suggests that about one-third (1/3) of this difference is due to technical skills and cognitive ability while two-thirds (2/3) is due to EQ. In top leadership positions, it is even more important where over four-fifths (4/5) of the difference is due to Social Emotional competences.

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