Press release: EQ Europe

Successful leaders prioritize mental health to enhance workplace productivity and prevent costly human and financial setbacks

81% of employees feel at risk of burnout. * European studies show that mental health prevention gives over 13 times the ROI. Productivity increases by at least 20% among companies doing EQ programs.

Join EQ Europe´s event to learn not only why it is necessary for organizations to prioritize and raise awareness about mental health but also how to do it.

Date: Feb 1st

Location: Stockholm, Artillerigatan 6.

Time: Coffee and sandwiches will be served from 07.30 am. The seminar is between 8-9.00 am.

RSVP: Jan 24th to to ensure we have seats and sandwiches for everyone attending.

EQ Europe´s Corporate Mental Health Program has proven that EQ skilled leaders and organizations can make a profound impact by raising awareness, de-stigmatizing, and fostering a culture of trust, empathy, and belonging. This Program helps managers take concrete action to prevent costly setbacks by handling the risk of escalation of common symptoms such as burn-out, depression, and anxiety.

One of EQ Europe’s international engineering clients Fortaco says:

“What makes this program unique is its practicality. It's not just theoretical – we've learned concrete tools and strategies that we can apply in our daily lives, from mindfulness techniques to effective communication skills.

The thoughtful insights and practical tools provided by our training provider EQ Europe have not only elevated individual well-being but have also cultivated a more supportive and resilient workplace culture.”

EQ Europe will share case studies, insights, tools, and methods from the Corporate Mental Health Program.

EQ Europe is passionate about helping organizations transform workplaces into healthier, happier, and more resilient environments where people thrive.

We look forward to seeing you!

Learn more at EQ Europe or contact CEO Jenny WestergĂĄrd

* Mercer 2022.