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I cannot believe that it is now over 2 decades since we introduced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, China, and other countries in Asia. Since then, we have relentlessly continued to develop our knowledge and experience of Emotional Intelligence in close cooperation with our clients, certified users, and partners.

EQ and the tool EQ-i is now used in over 100 countries and we are proud to say that we are pioneers and that our accumulated experience is unique in the world.

Emotional IQ = EQ has moved from nice to be a necessity and 3 out of 4 international companies today include EQ in leadership, organizational development, recruitment, and talent management which will impact the company culture.

In this blog, we will write about different topics related to EQ that we hope you will enjoy reading and use as a source for your company initiatives.


Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?

‍This question is one that I often get and with my background as a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and therapist I have experienced firsthand, over and over again, that indeed people can change. People can improve their EQ skills and thus be more successful at reaching their personal or professional goals.

If a sufficient number of leaders change, they will set healthier company cultures and more sustainable organizations.


A recent study: the tone for their companies, leading to Increasing Emotional Competence Improves Psychological and Physical Well-Being, Social Relationships, and Employability (Hansenne, Univ. de Lie`ge, 2022) shows that this is indeed true.

This study builds on earlier work showing that adult emotional competencies could be improved through relatively brief training in a set of controlled experimental studies.

18 hours of training with follow-up emails was sufficient to significantly improve physical, psychological, social, and work adjustment. These changes led in turn to a long-term significant increase in extraversion and agreeableness. The effect size was sufficient for the changes to be considered meaningful in people's lives.

This is also our own experience with our clients that relatively brief online training with the whole team together with individual coaching sessions will lead to measurable and visible positive changes in the way people behave and treat each other.

I do not doubt that this is the key for companies to improve the social part of their ESG.